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Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2011’

Fair and Cheap Divorce Settlements

Cheap and Fair Divorce Settlements There is an art to negotiating custody divorce settlements prior to litigation.   Divorce “settlements” come from dealing with the important custody,  support and property issues that need resolution in a fair, open and respectful manner.  People who harbor angry or distrustful feelings toward the other person can stop negotiations in their tracks.  To achieve a …

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Teen Will Not Go On Visitations

Teenager Child Custody Problems So much of what people ask us to do as family law attorneys is magic rather than mechanics.  Clients often ask that we use the law to magically eliminate the wrongs and missteps they have taken through the course of their lives.  Others ask that we mechanically bludgeon the other side with rules written to resolve …

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Deposing Children in Child Custody Case

Should a parent ask the divorce attorney to depose the children in a child custody case? The issue distills down to a question of who will decide that testifying is in a particular child’s best interest. Should it be the attorney (whom may have all good intentions) but still represents the interests of one litigant?  Should it be a judge …

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Move Away Child Custody Cases

Long-Distance Child Custody Parenting The emotional devastation of your child moving away from one of their parents is only made worse by the potential financial impact of travel costs on the family.  Your divorce attorney must ensure that every child relocation  is in the best interest of the children and not based merely on grievances between mom and dad.  No …

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Divorce Alimony or Spousal Support

Help with the Transition Costs of Divorce. Whether you are paying or receiving alimony, you have the right to continue the lifestyle you enjoyed while married.  Spousal support should not create more financial problems, but rather help the divorcing spouses to plan for everyone’s finical needs following the separation. Both spouses have financial needs, no matter who is paying spousal …

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How to Obtain a Cheap Divorce

To obtain a cheap divorce, you need to understand the reasons that divorces get expensive. The biggest reason a divorce becomes expensive is the emotions involved.  In every divorce each spouse must make a critical decision.  They will either strike out at their spouse based upon their immediate feelings to get short-term emotional satisfaction or they will manage their immediate …

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Divorce and Child Custody Mediation

How to Get Started in Mediation If possible, it’s a good idea to discuss custody mediation with the other parent before either of you retains a divorce attorney.  Many clients call us after they’ve spent a great deal of money hiring a divorce lawyer.  Sometimes a client allows or even encourages a divorce attorney to take an aggressive stance because …

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Telling The Children About Divorce

The decision to get a divorce is often a difficult choice for parents. Telling the children is another tough step that should be done early, and with extreme care.  An experienced family law attorney-mediator can assist you with this important and delicate process. Divorce impacts the entire family.   Although no parent needs permission from their child to get divorced, divorce …

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Divorce Do’s and Don’ts

Family conflict is hard on the entire family. Despite the emotional upheavals and the tendency to making impulsive decisions, couples can stay focused on resolving matters with support of a skilled family law attorney-mediator.  We offer experienced guidance and the dedicated professional help your family needs. Under normal circumstances, parents think and act rationally when it comes to their family. …

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What You Can Do To Obtain a Cheap Divorce

The critical task for every divorcing couple is to take responsibility.  Take responsibility for the problems in your marriage and take responsibility for seeing that the marriage ends in a manner you can be proud of.  Your active involvement in solving the problems sets you up to take responsibility for your future.  The alternative to taking responsibility is to shift …

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