Scott Leibenguth – Parent Coordinator

Scott Leibenguth is one of the Northwest’s most highly recognized Parent Coordinators.

With more than 25 years experience serving the needs of families in the Portland and surrounding Oregon areas, Scott has proven himself a leader in the field.

“I strive to be responsive to your family’s specific needs.  I am committed to providing an environment of safety and support within which to undertake the difficult task of restructuring family relationships. Our mission at Leibenguth Law is to free family members from the emotional and financial chaos that entangles parents and children in conflict by developing thoughtful, creative solutions to their problems.  We can help!”Leibenguth_02_21_14_5X7_702

Here are some of the comments made by previous clients:


“Before having you involved to guide with communication and coordination my life was upside down with anxiety, fear, manipulation and intimidation. I feel your involvement and perspective is the ONLY thing that has brought resolution, agreement and results where there was only circle talk, much frustration and confusion. Thank you very much for bringing me perspective, resolution, boundaries and accountability.  The kids and I very much need your involvement through this time in our lives.”

–  Jeff, Wilsonville, Oregon.

“When my lawyer recommended you as parent coordinator I was skeptical that anyone could help us.  But she was right!  You have been a God send for our family!”

– Hanna, NW  Portland, Oregon.

“You really saved us today.  I was sure everything was going to fall apart and you saved us!  Thank you so much and our children thank you as well!”

– Ann, Portland, Oregon.

“I really learned a lot today listening to you talk with us about our children.  You are right…everyone can use a coach.  I am thankful you are ours!”

– John, Clackamas, Oregon.

“I do not know how you did it, but you got us a deal that makes sense.  I am sorry, I know I got a bit hot at first.  But you brought both us back to earth and got it done!  You are the man! Thank you.”

– Jeffery, Oregon City, Oregon.

“Scott, this was not easy for us!  Thank you for helping us finally hear and understand each other.  Our new co-parenting agreement is working for all of us now.”
Steve and Kim, Albany, Oregon.


*Any result that the endorsed lawyer or law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that similar results can be obtained for other clients.