Adult Child Arrangements

When you waved your grown-up kids off to college, cheered at their graduation, congratulated them on a first job or helped them move in with a partner, you didn’t expect that one day you would be inviting them back into your home. In today’s world, many fledgling adults are forced by circumstance back into their parents’ home.

“Boomerang children,” as these adults are known, are mostly transitional and short-lived arrangements with their parents. Working with your grown-up kids as the adults can be very frustrating.

This type of arrangement requires planning.  If John parties late and sleeps until noon or Jill turns down every job possibility as not quite perfect, you may understandably run out of patience. But if you see that your Boomerang child has a constructive plan, you’ll be more supportive and more likely to forgive the occasional detour along their road to adulthood.

Mediating adult child arrangments can help cool tensions by working out “rules” by which both the Boomerang child and parent can live.  These types of arrangments outline a plan for helping the Boomerang child obtain more education; providing daycare to free up time for sending out resumés; or drug or alcohol treatment plans.  Adult- child agreements can also set everyone’s expectations as to potential support arrangements, rental agreements or household chore assignments.

These negotiations can be very stressful and often create emotional breakdowns.  You need an experienced Family Law mediator to guide your family through the process.   We Can Help!