Mediation – A Truly Cheap Divorce

In a traditional divorce, one spouse must legally sue the other in court to obtain a divorce. In doing so, you become adversaries.  When a couple is experiencing feelings of anger, mistrust, and anxiety as they head toward divorce, this adversarial relationship often makes things worse.

Mediation is a process that removes your dispute from the adversarial arena of the courthouse.  The goal of mediation is to help you to work together to settle your divorce rather than place you as adversaries.

In a traditional divorce, you both hire lawyers who will fight it out on your behalf.  You will stand on the sidelines while you watch the lawyers battle and you will pay your divorce attorney whether you win or lose the fight.  Do the math…you can pay one family law attorney-mediator to work with both of you, or you can each pay your divorce attorney their hourly rate to talk “at” one another.  Those attorney fees will add up fast!

As your family law attorney-mediator, I work together with both of you to avoid the battle. We will work to settle the terms of your divorce in a business-like manner.  A mediator is trained to help you reach a fair agreement while reducing costs and confrontation.

You can take control of your family’s future and avoid an expensive divorce trial. Yes! A cheap divorce is possible through divorce mediation.