At Leibenguth Law, we resolve all family related disputes. Changes to custody and support orders can be accomplished cheaply and fast through mediation. We strive to find the best process for resolution of disputes over:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support and alimonyLittle girl holding hands with parents
  • Custody & parenting time
  • Child relocation

Do Not Depend on “Hand Shake Deals”

Many couples modify their divorces, child support, spousal support and custody orders on their own making “handshake deals.”  While that may feel like a cheap and honorable way to keep the peace at the time, handshake deals are not enforceable and you may be giving up legal rights that you are not aware of. Often, friendly arrangements between ex spouses disappear later when conflict arises.  A divorce mediator can assure that all of the changes you and your spouse make are enforceable because they will be done right.