Child Support

Even though child support is based on specific state-controlled calculations, we recognize that every child has their own individual needs. In the State of Oregon, child support awards are based on the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. The five primary factors included in the guidelines are:

  • Gross income of each spouse
  • Amount of spousal support
  • Health insurance costs
  • Day care expenses
  • Percentage of children’s overnights with each parent

Child Attending School Child SupportMom getting groceries with daughter

While Oregon is not unique in its child support parameters, Oregon is one of only two states that require support payments be made to a child through age 21, instead of age 18. To qualify for child support after age 18, the child must be attending school, maintain passing grades and share information with their parents regarding academic progress.

Creativity is necessary for parents to find solutions that ensure your child is fairly supported after divorce. Far too many times we see support arguments get in the way of peaceful solutions. We approach all child support cases individually and provide the personalized attention you and your family need.