11 Apr

Long-Distance Child Custody Parenting

The emotional devastation of your child moving away from one of their parents is only made worse by the potential financial impact of travel costs on the family.  Your divorce attorney must ensure that every child relocation  is in the best interest of the children and not based merely on grievances between mom and dad.  No matter what the circumstances may be in the child relocation, a move in Oregon more than 60 miles away from the other parent necessitates aggressive representation from an attorney dedicated to working out the custody and child support arrangements.  We recognize that today’s society is mobile.  One parent may have a new job that pays a significantly higher salary.  Another parent may be moving back to his or her home state to be close to the emotional and financial support of a family.  Our job is to get to the motivation behind the proposed move and to help both parents determine if the move is in the child’s best interest and if so, what practical parenting arrangements will work for the family as a whole.  Such an important issue should ideally be resolved by the parents instead of a judge, but we will not hesitate to litigate the child relocation matter in court if a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved.

Protecting the best interests of the children

Interstate custody matters are complex and require knowledge of custody laws and jurisdictional issues.  The divorce lawyers of Leibenguth Law in Portland, Oregon,  provide the experience you need.

Are you facing the possibility of your child moving away following your divorce?  Is that move in the best interest of the child?  Does the other parent understand both the benefits and problems the children will face growing up a long distance from one of their parents?  Has everyone considered every possible option?  We can help!