If you have built a life that includes a sizable estate, you are both entitled to share in those assets. We are experienced in high-asset divorces and we are dedicated to helping our clients get their fair share in every divorce.rising sun

Attorney Scott Leibenguth worked in real property development and real property appraisal before becoming an attorney.  He graduated from a nationally ranked business college. We offers that experience to clients:

  • Thoroughly reviewing and analyzing complex business records.
  • Identifying issues in sophisticated pension and retirement plans.
  • Assuring a detailed business valuation protects your rights in a family-owned business.
  • Addressing marital debts to ensure you are not responsible for more than your fair share.
  • Informing you on the income tax impact of spousal support and child support.
  • We offer the insight you need to protect your future.

We handle divorce cases involving multi-million dollar assets. Many times we are able to uncover well-hidden assets that other law firms may miss. We stand with you, at your side,  offering experienced advice regardless of the complexity of your divorce case.