Several types of urgent divorce help are available now. We will help you request this urgent divorce help early on in the process:

Domestic Violence Injunctions:  This relief protects you and your children from a spouse who has committed or threatened domestic abuse. The abusive spouse may be removed from the residence if their conduct is especially harmful.puzzle-with-help-piece

Freezing Assets: This relief prevents your spouse from spending or hiding money or marital assets during your divorce. Bank accounts, IRA accounts, pension accounts and other financial accounts may be frozen in order to protect your rights.

Temporary Alimony or Spousal Support: This relief helps you obtain financial support from your spouse while your divorce is pending.

Temporary Child Support: This relief allows you to obtain financial support for children during a divorce.

Temporary Attorneys Fees and Litigation Expenses:  This relief assists you in paying costs of your divorce attorney during the divorce process.

Temporary Child Custody and Parenting Time:  This relief establishes an enforceable schedule for both parents to share time with their children while the divorce is pending.

Temporary Denial of Passport or Temporary Order Regarding Removal of Children:  This relief prevents your spouse from removing children from your home if you believe they will attempt to prevent you from having contact with the children during the divorce.