Scott Leibenguth is one of Oregon’s most respected and called upon children’s attorneys.  With more than 20 years experience serving the needs of families in the Portland and surrounding Oregon areas,  Scott has proven himself a leader in the field.  Here are some of the comments made by parents and child clients:

“I was thankful when the court appointed you as my son’s lawyer.  You really helped and we probably would have never settled if you had not got us to hear what our daughter was saying.  Thank you.”

-Kathy, from Milwaukie

“Mr. Leibenguth is very cool and helps kids like me when things get tough!”

-Tad, from NW Portland (age 8)

MSL Picture“Scott, Thank you for being in court for me.  I was scared but things worked out and I’m doing better.  Thank you!”

– Kim, from Clackamas (age 14)

“Well you got it done and I’m impressed.  I did not think my ex could listen, but you got her to see things from our son’s perspective.  Thanks for ending the battle!”

– Thomas, from Beaverton.