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Child Support- Finding a Middle Ground

Even though child support is based on specific State controlled calculations, we recognize that each child is different with their own individual needs.   Your children have needs beyond the emotional healing from a divorce. Do not let money issues cloud your judgment and turn your divorce into a war.

In the state of Oregon, child support amounts are based on guidelines. The five primary factors include:

•    Gross income of each spouse
•    Amount of spousal support
•    Health insurance costs
•    Day care expenses
•    Percentage of children’s overnights with each parent

Child Attending School Child Support

While Oregon is not unique in its child support parameters, the state is one of only two in the nation that requires support for a child up to age 21, instead of age 18.  To qualify, the child must be attending school, maintain passing grades and stay in contact with their parents on their progress.

Creativity is necessary to find solutions that ensure your child excels. Far too many times, money matters get in the way of peaceful resolutions.   With that in mind, we approach all child support cases individually and provide the personalized attention you need.