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How Mediation Can Help You Obtain a Cheap Divorce

A Cheap Divorce is possible! In litigation, one of you must legally sue the other in court to obtain a divorce. In doing so, you become adversaries.  When a couple is heading toward divorce, this adversarial relationship often makes things even worse.  Mediation is a process that attempts to remove your dispute from the adversarial arena of the courthouse.  The …

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Does My Child Need a Child’s Attorney?

What Does a Child’s Attorney Do? Custody cases have an element not shared by other court cases…children.  Unless a skilled children’s attorney is appointed in high conflict cases, the children’s issues and needs can be swept aside by a heated dispute. Everyone has their own opinion as to the appropriate role of an attorney for a child. I find that …

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Bullying: Help Your Child Handle a School Bully

Childhood bullying can have lifelong consequences. Listen to your child’s concerns.  Then help your child create a plan to stop bullying in its tracks. Bullying was once considered a childhood rite of passage.  Today, however, bullying is recognized as a serious problem.  Up to half of all children are bullied at some point during their school years, according to the …

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Child as Divorce Trial Witness

Should a parent bring a child to the court house? There are two primary lines of thought. The first group of people does not believe children benefit in any way from seeing the inside of a court house.  They believe a therapeutic setting is the best way to assist a child in sorting through the problems their parent’s dispute creates …

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A Cheap Divorce Requires That You Also Protect the Children’s Best Interests

A cheap divorce is also about protecting the children’s best interests after divorce. To keep a cheap divorce, it is also important to think and act in the best interests of your children after a divorce: •    Make child support payments in full and on time. The children count on it for their needs and you will avoid legal trouble.  …

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What to Take With You to Mediation

Be prepared for mediation The following will probably be needed to draft your legal paperwork; bringing them to your first mediation session may save you time later: Real estate documents. If either of you owns a home or other real property, bring a document that gives a legal description of the property and any notes secured by it. If you …

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What To Do With An Out-Of-Control Child

Teenagers that are out of Control I was approached the other day by a mother who has “custody” of her 15 year old son.  The child is out of control and is physically frightening and intimidating to mom.  Even though mom is technically the custodial parent, son lives with dad right now.  Dad is, however, entirely no help and blames …

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Retirement Benefits in a Cheap Divorce

Regardless of the length of the marriage, retirement benefits should be discussed and settled in every divorce case.  For example, the petition, marital settlement agreement and judgment should all provide either for the spouse’s waiver of retirement benefits or the division of any such benefits. A spouse should waive retirement benefits only if that spouse’s share is worth very little. …

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What Kids Need

What do children need from their parents during divorce? •    They need both parents to stay involved in their lives. Please write your children letters, make phone calls, and ask your children lots of questions. When you don’t stay involved, children feel like they’re not important and that they don’t really matter to you. •    Work hard to get along …

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Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

Cheap Divorce is possible through negotiations We took a call from a distraught client “I told my lawyer that my wife and I were pretty much in agreement about everything, that we didn’t want to fight and I didn’t see any reason to go to war over everything. We just needed a lawyer to draft the paperwork. But then I …

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