A Cheap Divorce Requires That You Also Protect the Children’s Best Interests


A cheap divorce is also about protecting the children’s best interests after divorce.

To keep a cheap divorce, it is also important to think and act in the best interests of your children after a divorce:

•    Make child support payments in full and on time. The children count on it for their needs and you will avoid legal trouble.  Child support arguments often prevent couples from maintaining a cheap divorce.

•    Attempt to resolve payment or visitation issues with your ex-spouse before starting a legal action. Don’t reduce a child’s parenting time with your ex-spouse as punishment. Don’t stop paying support as a punishment either.  Both of those type of penalties will prevent you from obtaining a cheap divorce.

•    Talk directly with your ex-spouse about the children’s issues. Using your children as messengers or asking questions about their time with the other parent allows children to play parents against each other, creates confusion and puts their trust and love for you both at risk.