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Divorce and Children- Warning Signs

Many children experience their parents’ divorce with relatively few problems, while others have a very difficult time. It’s normal for kids to feel a range of emotions.   It is important to remember that for most children time, love, and reassurance from both parents should help them to recover. If your kids remain overwhelmed, however, you may need to seek professional …

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Divorce, Kids, and Money

Talking to children about divorce and money Many parents fear that exposing their child to real life problems will damage the child for life.  These parent, therefore, trudge through tough times denying the realities of the situation in hopes their children will remain unaware of what is going on around them.  However, keeping children in the dark can lead to …

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Divorce Property in Oregon

How does Oregon divided property in a divorce? To understand how your state’s laws can affect your divorce settlement, it is important to know the difference between equitable distribution and community property laws. Oregon, like most states, follows equitable distribution laws. In these states, property acquired during the marriage belongs to the spouse who earned it. In case of divorce, …

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What Happens in Custody Mediation?

I think the best way to describe what happens in mediation is with an example: Terri called my office to ask about mediation. A friend who had recently divorced told her how pleased she was with the result achieved when she and her husband had gone through mediation, so Terri thought it was worth considering. When she and Eli had …

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