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The Role of The Mediator

What does a divorce Mediator do? Family conflict makes everyone involved feel some degree of anger, sadness, despair and frustration.  Those involved in the conflict have two choices;  one, they can argue and fight.  Or two, they can discuss the dispute with one another in a business like manner showing mutual respect for one another.  It is a mediator’s job …

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Who Protects the Children in a Custody Divorce?

Attorney for Child protects the children Everyone has their own opinion as to the appropriate role of an attorney for a child. I find that cases in which I am appointed are already in big trouble when I come on board.  Therefore, I believe my number one goal is to do more good than harm in the case.  If the …

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How to Get Started in Mediation

How can you mediate custody divorce? If possible, it’s a good idea to discuss custody mediation with the other parent before either of you retains a divorce attorney.  Many clients call us after they’ve spent a great deal of money hiring a divorce lawyer.  Sometimes a client allows or even encourages a divorce attorney to take an aggressive stance because …

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